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April 25


"What usually stands on the floor to support our body is now held in place by some poles, tucked against the ceiling.
Does it mimic architecture?
Or is it a play with our perception, because after looking at the ceiling for a while we start to ask ourselves if we are looking upwards from down below, or downwards from high up?" - Philipp Ursprung
April 26

To have a shelf life

"It. It was that. Now it has begun. It is. It continues. It moves. Further. It evolves. It becomes this and this and this. It goes on like that. Metamorphoses. It expands. Combines other more and persists as other and more" - Inger Christensen
April 28

Entities and Shadows

I want to reveal our other selves, the ones we don’t know or haven’t yet met, create creatures of unknown origins or connect with our forebears so that we might better understand those qualities and energies that they have bequeathed us.
May 01

Keep It Fun for Yourself

Art isn't easy!
Overnight you're a star,
You're the right combination.
Then your star's at an end,
You're suddenly last year's sensation.
May 04

36,6 Prelude

How far can it be possible to leave this trace in the present-day era?
A modern social networking man has returned to the cave trying to leave his mark on the "walls" with all the "inventive" means to document his alleged advantages and succeeds.
May 05

Bare of Cover

Levendel's art is essentially dialectic of creation from within and destruction, rehabilitation and renewal following ruin. The use she makes of books – simple found objects and their recycling – is linked to Neo-Dada – expending the artistic experience to contain reality in it - Irit Miller
May 09

Video performance day

Pleased that genre isn’t the main issue, we try to call forth meaning, to generate it.
That’s our goal. And all means of getting there are permissible.
May 12

New Space Mountain

Christian Zehnder’s musical world draws from the archaic expressiveness of the human voice and is rooted wholly in the topos of the alpine world. Working from the environments of musical theatre and contemporary music, he has developed a completely unique form of music far from any traditions, which can also be understood to be an imaginary utopian vision of home.